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Vesta Custom Design

Your premier home and commercial renovation company with a focus on excellence in craftsmanship.  Specializing in millwork, custom cabinetry, and full scale renovations, we bring innovative and exciting concepts to life! From interior transformations that redefine spaces to exterior painting that revitalizes facades, we are committed to enhancing the beauty and functionality of your home or business. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail, make us your trusted choice for your home or commercial project.


Core Values

At Vesta, our core values revolve around our clients and the relationships we build.  We prioritize transparent and candid communication, ensuring that every project detail is shared from inception to completion. We collaborate closely with our trusted team of experts, guaranteeing the highest quality work by assigning the right professionals to the right tasks. Our passion lies in listening to our clients and transforming their visions into reality, all while adhering to agreed upon pricing without any unexpected surprises or additional charges.

About Our Founder

Meet Shonna, the driving force behind Vesta's journey into the world of home and commercial renovations since the early 2000s.  Starting her career in cabinet manufacturing, she swiftly recognized opportunities for expansion within the broader realm of home construction and renovations.  Shonna is a loving mother of three, and actively engages in supporting and participating in community events.

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