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Bathroom Renovation

After completing her kitchen, this customer decided she may as well keep going! And we were happy to help her!
It all started with a bowl.
This bathroom’s inspiration came from a specific bowl from the customer’s tiny bowl collection. After bringing the bowl to our colour match specialist, we found the perfect shade for her vanity, and the rest of the design fell into place.
Although not always necessary, based on the age and condition of the bathroom, it was in the best interest of the client to remove all of the old walls, flooring and fixtures in the space and start fresh. It was a good thing we did, because after gutting the small bathroom, we found out that it’s state was exactly as we had assumed; there wasn’t any insulation in the outside wall, there was rot on the subfloor and the vent in the ceiling wasn’t venting at all. The customer is now at ease, knowing that the bathroom is completed properly. We were able to place fixtures exactly where the customer wanted them. From lighting to the vanity, she was in charge!
The bathroom turned out very pretty and her expectations were met and exceeded.

Wolseley: Project
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